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We recruit and train the world’s best entry-level talent for global companies through cross-border remote, hybrid, and in-person internships. Our talent acquisition platform makes the recruitment process efficient and we provide a cutting-edge training curriculum to upskill your employees in managing a culturally diverse workforce.

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We’ve built a trusted network of partner companies over the years, ranging from startups to multinational corporations.

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Why choose Talanta?

Securing top talent is expensive and highly competitive within domestic markets. We broaden the scope of talent to the entire world, and our platform allows your company to easily find and hire the world’s best talent.

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How it works

Our platform enables the streamlining and refinement of the recruitment process. Providing a consistent pipeline of top talent to achieve your business & HR objectives.

Full Process
  • get-in-touch

    Get In Touch

    Book a free consultation to tell us what your company is looking for and then select a package.

  • interview-candidates

    Interview candidates

    Use our platform to list your available roles, interview matched candidates, and hire successful applicants.

  • company-growth

    Watch your company thrive

    Your chosen interns will start in their role job-ready, making them a quick asset to your team.

How do we support you?

We provide comprehensive support and training to your staff and the students whilst on internships, including training on managing a diverse workforce, regular check-ins, and the opportunity to hire the intern full-time at the end of their internship.

Hire Emerging Talent

Pre-vetted and job-ready applicants

All of our applicants are pre-vetted with a comprehensive assessment and undergo soft skills training and certification to ensure they thrive during their internships with you.

Train and upskill your employees

Your employees receive cutting-edge training curriculum designed to upskill them in managing a culturally diverse workforce and maximize the potential of emerging talent in your organization.

Prepare for the future of work

Stay local, play global. We believe that the future of work is diverse and remote. Hiring global talent will help you stay ahead of the game.

Hired interns working at a company
I strongly believe in The Intern Group’s team. They will always screen their intern candidates conscientiously and provide the best possible talent for us. When we identified the right hire, The Intern Group always provided strong support and regular updates, ensuring that we did not need to worry about the onboarding logistics.

Kristy Lam

Regional Human Resources Manager,

Carrefour (Asia)


We offer two pricing plans to suit your company’s recruitment needs and budget, both providing you with access to the global talent pool. Alternatively, sign up for a risk-free trial.



Free trial

Hire interns from our global talent pool of top university students & recent graduates.

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Free Features
  • Limited start dates. 
  • Limited number of interns.
  • Price per hire post-internship: 15% of annual salary .

$199 p/m

20% discount with annual plan

Hire remote interns on demand. Guaranteed year-round access to our global talent pool of top students and recent graduates.

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Free Features, plus:
  • We fulfill your internship needs on demand, all year-round.
  • Global talent pool of university students & recent graduates.*
  • Remote internships only.
  • Unlimited number of interns per year.
  • Upskill your early talent & existing staff through our continuous training. 
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Insights and performance data dashboard.
  • Customizable employer page & branding visible to global talent pool.
  • Price per hire post-internship: 10% of annual salary 


  • + Global employer of record & payroll management services.

    • * Less than 4% of students accepted.

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Hire from our top global talent pool of graduating university students & professionals with 1-5 years experience. In-person, hybrid & remote. internships & full-time jobs.

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Same as Growth, plus:
  • In-person, hybrid & remote interns.
  • Global talent pool of professionals with 1-5 years experience. 
  • No limit on number of jobs filled per year.
  • Dedicated account manager and 24/7 support.
  • Customized service to meet your specific hiring needs.
  • Advanced hiring insights and performance data dashboard.
  • Global salary insights & recommendations.
  • MIT candidate and manager training curriculum and certification.
  • Global Employer of Record & Payroll management services included.
  • No success fee for converting intern to permanent hire.