Where others see barriers, we see opportunity

We have established a global marketplace, connecting the world’s best early talent to first-class global companies through cross-border internships.

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Our platform enables the world’s emerging talent to access first-class global internships. At the same time, it allows companies from around the world to hire this early talent with minimum risk and high reward.

Matching top applicants with top roles in this way enables both companies and candidates to realize their potential and thrive. Our platform is helping to shape the future of work.

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Our History

Evolving from the legacy of The Intern Group,  our co-founders dreamt of a world where all companies would embrace global talent and all talent could have equal opportunity, no matter their geographical location.

  • 2011

    Creation of The Intern Group

    Under the brand of The Intern Group, we launched our first ever pilot program in Colombia with 10 students and was accepted into StartUp Chile.

  • 2012

    Launched our London program

    After the success of our pilot program in Colombia, we launched our London program.

  • 2013

    We added more destinations

    We continued to grow our offering, adding Madrid, Hong Kong, and Melbourne to our list of exciting in-person internship destinations.

  • 2017

    Named the 'Best-reviewed Internship Program'

    After adding New York and Dublin to our offering, we were named the best-reviewed internship program by Go Abroad and formed a partnership with the government of New Zealand.

  • 2021

    Launched our Remote Internship Program

    Delivering a consistent supply of the world’s top talent to companies globally.

  • 2023

    Rebrand to Talanta

    After launching our new platform, we rebranded to Talanta. Today, we help thousands of interns and organizations to connect and thrive.

Our mission & values

Imagine a world in which all 8 billion people could realize their potential. This is our vision.

At Talanta, we inspire and encourage people to believe in and challenge themselves, discover their passion and realize their potential.

Our 100+ person team, spanning five continents, is dedicated to bringing this purpose to life for every single candidate, company, and partner. We are driven by our purpose and unified by our values:


People focus




Continuous learning


Global leadership

Our mission is to create a borderless world for talent, eliminating the barriers to opportunity, and bridging the gap between education and experience. So far we have...


partnering companies in our network.


alumni specializing in various industries


partnering universities from 6 different continents.


nationalities making up our diverse pool of alumni.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our work is aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals. Here’s what our data from 2022 showed:

50 hrs

The average amount of synchronous & asynchronous skills training interns receive.


The percentage of female interns.


The amount of first-generation university students or recipients of scholarships or bursaries.


The percentage of interns offered full-time employment

Our Investors

We are backed by top founders and investors from around the world, including those of leading and iconic technology companies.

Oscar Salazar

Oscar Salaza

Co-Founder of Uber

Daniel Undurraga

Daniel Undurraga

Co-Founder of Cornershop

Fede Vega

Fede Vega

Co-Founder of


We are Talanta

We are driven by a collective passion to inspire diversity and inclusion, while educating companies and candidates alike about the future of work.


Want To Be Part Of Our Journey?

We practice what we preach at Talanta. We have identified the future of work as remote-first and flexible. Through this, we are able to understand how to recruit and retain the best global talent, and use their diverse skills to achieve our goals and purpose.

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