Our Remote Global Apprenticeship Program provides companies with top talent from around the world

We train and connect the best students in the world

We train and connect the best students in the world

You need high-quality, diverse talent to thrive. Currently, attracting this talent is time-consuming, focused on your local markets, and hyper-competitive. 

Most of the world’s leading companies focus their recruitment on the US & Europe, but this represents just 14% of the world's population - that's 86% of the world’s brightest and best being overlooked. 

It’s time to make your reach global. 

Companies frequently tell us...

  • “We need a reliable pipeline of global top talent but don’t know how to set it up”

  • “We need a more diverse workforce that better represents our customers’ values”

  • “We are facing high competition for local talent, especially with the skills we need”

  • “We worry that most entry-level talent is not job-ready”

  • “We don’t have the right infrastructure and resources to support remote talent”

Hiring top remote talent is straightforward and reliable with Talanta

We are your recruitment pathway to hire the world’s best graduating talent consistently and systematically, year after year

Trusted by 3,000+ global companies

Trusted by 3,000+ global companies

“I strongly believe in Talanta’s team. They will always screen their intern candidates conscientiously and provide the best possible talent for us. When we identified the right hire, Talanta always provided strong support and regular updates, ensuring that we did not need to worry about the onboarding logistics”


Kristy Lam, Regional Human Resources Manager, Carrefour (Asia)

combination of diversity, excellence, and global reach

A potent combination of diversity, excellence, and global reach

We provide companies like yours with an enterprise-to-enterprise solution to access top-tier, final-year university students from diverse backgrounds. We focus in particular on developing nations and underserved communities in the developed world. 

How it works

We train and connect the best students in the world with the best jobs globally, through remote, cross-border, paid internships

Trusted internship partner of 125+ top universities across 6 continents

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Data Science / Analysis

Digital Marketing / Communications

Generalist Business

Students are available for start dates in January, March, June, and August each year. This aligns with academic semesters.

Each one runs for between 16-20 weeks (4-5 months). They are full-time.

We handle the sourcing of students matched to your company-specific needs. We provide you with a curated, shortlist of candidates for you to review before making your final selection.

As soon as they graduate: within 0-6 months of the completion of the internship. This will be determined by whether they complete their internship with you in their penultimate or last academic semester.

Half a day (4 hours) of online, continuous, synchronous activities

One (1) hour online synchronous follow up/coaching activity during mid-apprenticeship period

Toolbox to be used independently after the first training activities with our support

Skills covered include but are not limited to: Coaching/mentorship, Effective feedback methods, Leadership, and Building Trust in a Remote Environment

A 1-1 ratio of interns you receive. For example, if you sign up to receive 10 interns over the year you can nominate up to 10 employee managers to take the curriculum.

We require competitive remuneration for remote interns. Amounts depend on where they are located in the world. This starts from a minimum of $500 USD per month for large sections of the developing world - you are welcome to increase this amount of course.

Remote enables you to access a far larger, truly global talent pool. Our purpose is to provide opportunities to talented students from across the world, particularly those in developing nations. We are so confident in the value of the program that initially we offer a ‘money-back guarantee’ if you decide this program is not working for you. What do you have to lose?

As our program is remote, there is no need to sponsor visas. Our platform ensures full legal compliance in hiring remote interns & remote permanent members of staff. Our platform ensures a legally-compliant pathway from of remote internship to remote job.

Yes. Our platform includes and ensures full legal compliance.

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